RCBC Lunker Club

This page is for club members to post photos (with Name, Date, Lake, Weight [lb-oz], Lure/technique, and any thing else of importance) of 5 pound or larger Largemouths, 4# or larger Spotted Bass, 4# or larger Smallmouths, or other fish generally in the LARGE category:
 RCBC Open, 12-Mile, 4/15/17, 8.05#, Brian Martin.
 Rishel: Lake of the Three Fires, IA, July 2016, 5#, Big worm (photo by Manahan).  Rishel: June 16, Private Lake, Jig, 23" -- ~7.52# and grossly full of eggs.
Byron Velvick, er, Jason Heimes holds a 5-14 from Paho Lake MO, on 6/11/16.  Jason claims he used a squarebill to subdue this specimen.
Limberg: Truman, 5-08#, 19 Oct 2014, Buzz Bait. (big bass of the year for River City...from the Guppy)
Rishel, Mozingo, 5-08, N2IT classic, Oct 05, 2014,  big bass ($500), Brush Hog
Limberg; Viking, 3 Oct 2014, 5#, brush hog 
Greer: Smallies over 5. South Dakota, Oct. 2014
Mike Langford: Table Rock, 6++, GP Shaky, April 27, 2014 
McCoy and Langford: Mike's Left Hand, Lake Chickamauga, 8+, unknown lure, Apr 2014 (FoM Nationals)
Greer: Copper Dollar Cove, 6#+, Jerkbait, April 2014
Doug: Oct. 2013, Harrison Co. 6-00#, Crankbait. 

Troy and Jason Heimes: (I have no idea who Troy is?)

Sometime in 2013, somewhere in SD, Allegedly, all of the smallies shown here are 4# or larger, and the biggest ones top 5#. Used tubes and lipless. 

Rick: April 2013, LOZ (State), 6.42#, Day 2 big bass, Revenge Spinnerbait 

JR: Apr 7, 2013, 5.76#, Mozingo, Jerkbait.


Rick: Oct. 2012, Banner Creek, 6-01#, Jerk Bait


Dave Man: Mar 2012, Walnut Creek, Yum Money Craw Doug: Jul 2011, Three Mile, 6-02, Spook 

Dean: April 2011, 5-03#, Grand, Unknown

Adams: April 2010, 6#, Burt Co. farm pond, spinnerbait.


Adams: Aug 2013, 5#, Prairie View, t-rigged Senko