RCBC Photos

 Apr 2017, Green Valley, 4-08, Heimes, 
 Feb 2017, Big Billy Bill at LOZ.  Big Spot.
 Beaver Lake, April 2017, Heimes, eater...
 Feb 2017, Duane Limberg, Lake of the Ozarks, Jerk Bait
 Feb 2017, Jason Heimes,
 Lake of the Ozarks,
 River City Bass Club posing outside of the Omaha Against Hunger subsidiary of Kids Against Hunger, Feb 04, 2017.
 Pic from the assembly line inside of OAH warehouse, 2/4/17.
 Pic from the assembly line inside of OAH warehouse, 2/4/17.
Pic from the assembly line inside of OAH warehouse, 2/4/17.
 Pic from the assembly line inside of OAH warehouse, 2/4/17.

 Pic finished product inside of OAH warehouse, 2/4/17.
The stats from the event are as follows - between both groups (Hosanna Lutheran Church, Plattsmouth and River City Bass Club) packing meals today:

396# Rice
171# Soy
43# Spice Powder
27# Beans
720 total packages containing 6 meals per package = 20 boxes for a total of 4320 meals (in 49 minutes!!!!!!).
Front and Reverse of our new jerseys. (Sep 16)
 Dave McCoy, April 2016, Central Regional, Bass Nation, Guntersville.
"Parris" Humm, April 2016, Central Regional, Bass Nation, Guntersville. 

 2010 Federation Banquet; Doug and Rick

 2010 Federation Tournament; Doug on the Dock.

   2010 Federation Tournament; Dan Radebaugh (left) and partner.
 Dave McCoy (Left) on the dock at the 2010 Federation Tournament.        
 RCBC Tournament Shirt            
 Getting Ready  
Doug's 6.13# form FoMNTT at 3-Mile, Aug 2011
 Doug's 6.13# from FoMNTT, 3-Mile, Aug 2011.
 Grand Lake: (3/23-3/25)  
5-03# Grand Lake
Doug's 4#09oz C-Rig/lizard
 RCBC Open (7 Apr 12):  
2nd place (16.83 with 5.83 big bass) Doug and Duane
McCoy and Adams (7th & 10th place)
2012 State Regional qualifiers!  McCoy and Adams made the Regional Team by placing 7th and 10th respectively.  This is McCoy's umpteenth Regional (Congrats), but the story here is Adam's journey to get to a regional only in his second attempt!  The Club is very proud (of both of you) but especially proud of Adams.  Adams (fished as a Co) capitalized on his boater's spots all three days, but when given the front on day 2, really took charge catching 3 fish off the same spot (with one being 5+#), using a technique [wacky/flick shake] he learned just 2 days before.  Awesome accomplishments to you both! 

 2012 RCBC State Qualifier Team

L to R front: Henke, Riley, Matuszewski, McCoy

L to R back row: Adams, Hartman, Greer, Rishel

No Comment Necessary
 There is no comment appropriate for this one...
 Dave and Mike at Icaria Open on 4/28/2013.  The pig in Dave's right hand weighed in at 6.66 pounds!  This "beast" was so impressive, that Rick Riley wanted to name it Lucifer and take it home...  
Icaria Open 4/28/13
Icaria at sunrise
 Sunrise at Icaria. Taken by the duo of McCoy and Langford.  I am not sure why they werent fishing...
 Doug and Duane at the May 2013 FoMNTT event at Brushy Creek.  34° and raining:  
Look how warm they are...
 2013 Nebraska Regional Team: Rick R. in the middle (6th head from Left).
2013 River City's NE Federation Nation State Qualifier Team: (L to R) Rishel, Greer, McCoy, Limberg, Matuszewski, Riley, Heimes, Arp
 2013 NE Fedration Nation State Qualifier, Lake of the Ozarks, Big Bass of the Day winners.  Rick Riley (of River City--on right) day two winner with 6.44#.  
Rick's BB Banner Crek 2012
 Rick's 6-01 from Banner Creek, 2012.
 Doug and Kevin find a sandbar on the Missouri River at Verdel  
 Ricky and Duane rescue Doug and Kevin after over an hour of pushing.
Dave "VanDam" Manahan's Walleye from the Missouri River at Verdel  
 AM launch at Buckskin Hills #1
 AM Launch at Buckskin Hills #2  

 HOOKED!  after a small accident at Lake Francis Case:

In retrospect, we (Doug-victim, JR, Duane, and Ricky) wished we would have recorded the removal for a YouTube viral hit... But we didn't.

The snagging took place right at the ramp on the last cast of the day, the removal occurred at the Ft Randall Inn, in a chair, on the sidewalk in front of our rooms.

Outcome: Complete success!  That baby popped right out!  A word to all future stuckees, "It stings like a wasp sting for about 10 minutes, and it was over."

   Look what I found on Animal Paintball's Design Page...
 JR and Dave M., N2IT, Mozingo, April 7, 2013, 19.39#.  
The 2013 Mr Guppy recipient's special gift.  Back. 
The 2013 Mr Guppy recipient's special gift.  Front. 




2014 Regional Team, featuring our own Ricky Riley (middle-front) and Brad Shaefer (front-left).




  http://www.bassmaster.com/slideshow/nation-day-2-begins-eufaula  pic #8


 Duane hits the big bass of (2013 &) 2014 pot on the last morning of our Truman tournament.  5-08#. Buzz bait. Oct 19, 2014.
 5/5/16: RIVER CITY BASS wins 2016 State Team competition at Grand Lake 'O' the Cherokees!!!!!

The team amassed 134+ pounds in three days, eclipsing second place by more than 16 pounds.

Winning Team: Boaters: Dave McCoy, Doug Rishel, Jason Heimes, Dave Greer, and Bill Lemieux.  Cos: Duane Limberg, Tim McSorely and John Kozel
Row 1: Bill, Tim, Dave M.
Row 2:: Jason, John, Doug, Dave G, Duane.