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South Dakota: June 24/25

Attention Club Anglers: Commitment for SD tournament needed by no-later-than June 10. Please submit your commitment to the TD's. Following on June 11th will be the tournament draw among the TD's and an Officer, which will immediately be communicated via email and posted here.

Below is the known commitments for pre-fish (for travel purposes) and boater vs. co-anglers.
NameThr NightFri NightSat NightBoater/CoOut - Not Going
Arp??? (will committ upon deadline of June 10 before draw on June 11)
Jim B.xXXCPurington
B. Martin?XXB
KnoblauchXXXCNo Response
John M.?XXC
Donny H.XXXC
B. Adams?XXC

SD Tournament Format:
The schedule of lakes (which one on which day OR if we will run a split lake scenario) hours to be fished per day (must be equal if using split lake scenario-not to exceed 16 hours over 2 days).

By consensus, if using the split lakes scenario, it has been suggested that no- after fishing sharing of information be passed between club members so that each group enters the lake with a clean slate (other than what you determine from any pre-fishing you undertake on your own).*** McCoy to answer any questions on this.

Accommodations (Friday and Saturday nights - Questions, contact Heimes):

9 people will be staying at the Stonefire motel and lodge ph. 6053454329. Our rooms here hold 4 and 5 people=9... Cancellation policy is 48hr

6 people/3 rooms are reserved for the Day County Inn. Ph. 6053454701. Cancellation policy is 24hr

Future Tournaments:

    July 22: Wannahoo

    August 12: Little River

    September 9/10: (20-day) Okoboji

    October 28: Leigh

There is an option to add a non-points tournament for anyone interested in November...at either Pomme or Table Rock. There is an opportunity to add a one day tournament between our May/Jun tournaments, as they are spaced very far apart. There is another opportunity to add a one day to [Sunday] Aug 6, at or near, or on way home from LR. These options will be determined by availability (permits) and interest at a future meeting.


The 2016 Unofficial Annual Results are as follows (and will not be official until announced at the annual banquet):

Mr BASS: Jason Heimes

Mr Guppy (a.k.a. The Guppy): Kevin Peele (#2)

Big Bass of the Year: Doug Rishel, 7#

Some stats to chew on:

In 2016, RCBC caught ( and used for points purposes) 582 bass, weighing 1250 pounds, 6 ounces.  Using I-80 and 84th street as our epicenter, the club traveled 2694 miles to and from 10 lakes, over nine events.  The club produced five-one time winners and two that won twice over nine events.


Basic tournament information:
    - RCBC typically uses an eight tournament season to rank-order all members of the club, based on fishing performance over the eight events.  The club uses a "unique" scoring system (see rules) that assigns an angler points.  Points are tallied (and posted on this page) taking the "best" five scores.  The top eight anglers comprise the primary NE State Qualifier Team.  Rules are here.
    - Tournaments are "no entry fee".  There is an optional side pot for the single largest bass weighed.  This pot is split with the "club".  The club uses these funds as a defacto fund raiser to help defray costs for the primary State Qualifier Team.
    - Tournament lakes are chosen by the lake selection committee (all of the club officers).  The dates are selected by sort of calendar bingo process, where each individual selects his (or her) best dates... The selections are tallied with the date getting the most "hits" being the primary date, and the second best date used as a back up date.
    - The club has two tournament directors (TD) that control all aspects of a particular tournament: launch time, rule adjustments, weather decisions, ramp locations, disputes, results (ties) and the drawing of boaters and co-anglers. 
    - Generally, after the draw, the boater makes the arrangements for travel, lodging, determines how said costs will be split.  Typically, the club will stay in a motel local to the lake the night before (optional and/or not required), where the club will take on a social flavor, until the towel gets thrown-in and sleep occurs.  On two-day tournaments, this process generally repeats itself as soon as boats make it back to the motel, and get plugged in...  Typically, truck gas, boat gas and oil, and lodging gets split between the boater and co. Everyone eats on their own nickel.

 Rules for everyday Angler  Rules for Parris

2016 Results:

After clicking, select "OPEN WITH" and choose Google Sheets, to get the Excel Spreadsheet look and feel, otherwise you are just getting a "view".
Doug Rishel,
Sep 8, 2014, 11:01 AM
Doug Rishel,
Oct 22, 2014, 12:47 PM
Doug Rishel,
Oct 19, 2015, 10:39 AM
Doug Rishel,
Oct 19, 2015, 10:39 AM
Doug Rishel,
Oct 16, 2016, 7:30 AM