RCBC Tournament Info

2018 Scheduled Tournaments: 

March 24/25 - Table Rock, MO

March 31 - 12 Mile, IA (Open Tournament)

April 14 - Harrison County, MO

May 12 - Blackhawk, IA

June 23 - Green Valley, IA

July 21 - West Lake, IA

August 4 - 12 Mile, IA

August 25 - RCBC Club Tournament - MLF Mystery Tournament - Non Points

September 29/30 - Glacier Lakes, SD 

October 27 - Wanahoo, NE


The 2017 Annual Results are as follows (and will not be official until announced at the annual banquet):

Mr BASS: Rich Purington

Mr Guppy (a.k.a. The Guppy): Dan Radebaugh

Big Bass of the Year: Chris Brokeman - 5-09

2017 Stat Facts (8 Tournaments):

Total Fish 788
Final lbs 1918.07


Basic tournament information:
    - RCBC typically uses an eight tournament season to rank-order all members of the club, based on fishing performance over the eight events.  The club uses a "unique" scoring system (see rules) that assigns an angler points.  Points are tallied (and posted on this page) taking the "best" five scores.  The top eight anglers comprise the primary NE State Qualifier Team.  Rules are here.
    - Tournaments are "no entry fee".  There is an optional side pot for the single largest bass weighed.  This pot is split with the "club".  The club uses these funds as a defacto fund raiser to help defray costs for the primary State Qualifier Team.
    - Tournament lakes are chosen by the lake selection committee (all of the club officers).  The dates are selected by sort of calendar bingo process, where each individual selects his (or her) best dates... The selections are tallied with the date getting the most "hits" being the primary date, and the second best date used as a back up date.
    - The club has two tournament directors (TD) that control all aspects of a particular tournament: launch time, rule adjustments, weather decisions, ramp locations, disputes, results (ties) and the drawing of boaters and co-anglers. 
    - Generally, after the draw, the boater makes the arrangements for travel, lodging, determines how said costs will be split.  Typically, the club will stay in a motel local to the lake the night before (optional and/or not required), where the club will take on a social flavor, until the towel gets thrown-in and sleep occurs.  On two-day tournaments, this process generally repeats itself as soon as boats make it back to the motel, and get plugged in...  Typically, truck gas, boat gas and oil, and lodging gets split between the boater and co. Everyone eats on their own nickel.

 Rules for everyday Angler    Rules for Parris

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